I was born and raised in Greenwood and am proud to call it my home. There is nowhere I’d rather live, and I want each and every member of our community to feel the same way. I often say that everything we do is focused on quality of life. This idea encompasses public safety, infrastructure, economic growth and recreation. It all leads to how we live and enjoy Greenwood. Our city has a rich history, and we want to preserve it. However, there is always room to make our city an even better place to live, work and stay. It’s my goal as mayor to build on the progress we have made and make our community even stronger for your children and mine.  In the next several years, we will do just that.

Without public safety, nothing else matters. We remain committed to ensuring our first responders are supported, respected and have the resources they need. This includes adding more police officers and firefighters to our ranks, increasing pay and benefits, and providing the latest and greatest in cutting-edge training and equipment, ensuring our families are safe.

Greenwood is growing and thriving, and we’re doing so within our means. Since I was elected, we’ve managed balanced budgets each year and are continuing to do so. We have strong rainy day reserves and sustainable plans to build those assets for the future while continuing to fund our public safety, infrastructure improvements, recreation and other priorities without tax increases for our residents.

Connecting the community is critical for residents, businesses and visitors. Thriving cities have roads and sewers that can handle anticipated growth. As one of Indiana’s fastest growing cities, our infrastructure is keeping up. While managing growth is important to our city, we are also innovating and developing amenities that attract quality homes, businesses, recreational venues and jobs. Greenwood is a world-class city, and we must have the infrastructure to match.

I have the fondest of memories of growing up and going to school right here in Greenwood, and I want the same for everyone blessed to be raised here. In the coming years, we’ll add and improve recreational facilities including eight new baseball diamonds, a cricket field, safe and modern playgrounds, parks and trails, and more. Our families deserve the best, and Greenwood is the best place to call home.